a cure for wellness explained

A Cure For Wellness is a tricky little Brahms Stoker's Dracula clone that has enough cleverness to make it worth while for a second time around the bend. Could you please explain your pont of view? Turns out Vollmer has Dr. Brennan put false teeth in the patients reassure them. Maybe some explanation can be found on the first 30 seconds…. Some treatments work for some people, but none seems to work for everyone.Tinnitus is a tough condition for doctors to study. Dried up corpses begin to appear and get discovered by the villagers who know that the Baron has something to do with it. But I doubt it. I too was curious about the grin at the end, and I guess any theory is as good as any other. YOU MUST COME WITH US NOW!!! Now he is off to create the real cure for “wellness”. Honestly the music does hint towards something bad, but it would be out of character with Lockhart’s development. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Why did he have all of his teeth at the end? A fight ensues and ultimately Volmer’s face is ripped off to show the hideously burnt face from years and years ago. Some explanations I read were wrong to me. The elixir was unable to save her. There is something about her that is completely setting off all of his alarm bells. First off, I enjoyed this movie immensely. Let’s go backwards a minute. The armchair quarterbacks are relentless. My first theory here is lame. Why else would the guy Lockhart replaces run immediately to the water cooler when he looked fairly certain he was having a heart attack at the beginning of the film? If someone could explain why his mother had those flashes and the melody that seemed to be the same. It’s as if the devices squeeze the life out of the test subjects and drips it into containers for others to consume and receive long as a result. Ok, Lockhart was never a hero in this sense, in a way, it’s refreshing to have a unsympathic character as lead. Anyone else think the “doctor” was cloning his victims as a cover up for their awful deaths? And at first it is believed that the baby died. Regardless, I loved it. Sorry, “A Cure For Wellness.”. Eels are symbolized for antibodies/antibiotics. A Cure for Wellness (2016) Plot. Do you remember that melody that Hannah hummed which was the melody that the balerinas that Lockhart mother was incessantly making. The entire movie feels like it is jerry-rigged from different films that can’t seem to fit together well but I suppose it worked, we are all talking about . All the young people with old souls got together to celebrate their master’s success with everything. The palace burns, and all are elderly again amid the chaos. ‘A Cure for Wellness’ is, by no means, a perfect film. When patients are given their 'treatment,' the water and properties from the immortal eels excretes through sweat and is then collected. A Cure For Wellness was one of the very first movies I put out on that list as it had everything I adore in a movie. Thanks for sharing your view. But relevant to our every day lives. But I do think there is some serious ambiguity about the last 30 seconds of the movie. Dormant perhaps and awaiting activation which seemed to coincide with the advent of her menstrual flow. Further, all the executives at the company might have been in on the whole thing, constantly going to the spa to get a new young body and start over in the company. Was Lockhart hallucinating about escaping? Right? Lockhart – and the audience – is clearly aware that there is something wrong with the water. But in the middle of said cooking, they begin looking into a merger that will make them all richer than the dreams of avarice. Maybe?!? Eventually we learn that Hannah is the Baroness’ daughter. Full ending explanation for A Cure for Wellness (2016) video in under 10 minutes. Question: Let me ask you a question. Required fields are marked *. Mentioned elsewhere in this review is the affects of the water. Your email address will not be published. The devilish smile is the perverted father having his way ‘anyway’ from within .. and thus the wicked pedophile smile. Right? The Baron, severely injured, retrieves the baby (showing that he too is not set upon by the eels) and hides out underneath the castle where he has a secret room complete with access to the water and enough elixir to sustain himself until he can continue with his work and rebuild. I think the Lockhart we see in the end is a clone. Having all patients consume copious amounts of the water keeps them in a constant state of hallucination which also ensures they are convinced and even hypnotized to respond to any idea he implants into the minds of those treated. (Think of the similar transference that is taking place in the movie Get Out. At first, the ending of the movie confused the heck out of me. But the theory is still real enough. This implies he had in fact gone into the ghostly realm of the past. Lockhart, realizing that Volmer was onto something, takes Hannah with the intent of continuing on the life everlasting tradition. And he matured through killing the “evil father” Volmer and beeing able to escape from his once choosen autorothy, the company ( who made his own, “too good father” to a looser in his eyes). And surrounded him. If that makes sense at all. But that’s pretty normal around here. Good sets and cinematography, but that’s all…, HiHat tell us how you really feel. Shall I be a total tool to that guy next to me whilst Christmas shopping so I can get that dumb tickle-me elmo crap? To me, it is reminiscent of Wendy from Peter Pan; kind of an ode to never growing up. In this article, Dr. Ryan Corte covers the truth about wellness, including exactly what it is and why it's important. He digested them and has prolonged his own life and taken on the properties of the elixir. Don’t fret, I’m not here to … There is the 9 to 5 job. But yeah, that grin is weird. The Baron wanted to keep his bloodline pure so he married his sister to have a baby with. It’s an existential question. ref : A Cure For Wellness Explanation. But Hannah lodges a shovel in Volmer’s head and then he falls into the tank. #ACureForWellness. Actually, a better possibility is that since Hannah had been ingesting the eel juice since conception (through her mother), it made her very immune to the eels. We’re told several times ballerina is dreaming. Major Spoiler Warning. And the other alternative just had a heart attack. We deny its existence until one day the body rebels against the mind and screams out, "I am not a well man". The only species with the toxin of self-doubt written into our genetic code. So if you haven’t seen it yet. We cheat and deceive as we claw our way to the pinnacle of what we define as achievement. This would eventually require Lockhart to double back and take over Volmer’s place as the Count Dracula figure… but would also allow him to have Hannah, and eternal life. The creatures seem to be "haunting" the plumbing of The Institute, slithering in and out of bathroom fixtures, and we ultimately discover that Volmer/The Baron has an old-fashioned mad scientist lab down in the aquifer caverns wh… Come to this spa and become the cure to someone who is desiring to never die. I don’t know… what do you think the meaning of the last 30 seconds of the movie are? The Baron gives his sister the eel elixir. No doubt you will think only of the merger. Lockhart (nomen et omen) enters with his mind full of shit that occupied his mind and leaves awakened with Hannah (which means grace). It was different than your standard super hero fare of course. So maybe, The Cure For Our Supposed Wellness is actually that final grin… the love of someone treasured. You can see the similarities in both characters. But why? I personally love these influences and the way they are set out within the film. He shadows Pembroke at his spa treatments and in the sauna. I also think this is the reason the patients attacked Lockhart in the dining room. I don’t know. He has Hannah. Spoilers ahead for A Cure for Wellness. It was confirmed by the last 30 seconds. Brilliantly played. Personally I believe that the movie explained above pretty solidly locks down what actually happened. But when he arrives, visiting hours are over, and every attempt to even find Pembroke is rebuffed. Another detail that leads me to believe my “awful “theory is the flashes of deathly throws of Lockhart mother, which included the scene of the evil hospital. But I have to put it down because it is the most obvious possibility. A Cure for Wellness is a 2017 psychological horror film directed by Gore Verbinski, starring Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth and Jason Isaacs. 2) the music right before it cuts off, with the violins violently getting high pitched, may imply something bad about to happen And lastly, the giant grin in the final shot could be explained because Lockhart’s boss yells at him that he came there for a mission. Geeze. For only when we know what ails us can we hope to find the cure. Lastly, the eels were like a tapeworm inside the body forcing the dehydration and once they were in the chambers they were dehydrated and steamed up to produce this sweat that became the elixir, however how did the eels leave once pumped into the stomach? Two things I have yet to see mentioned, one of which connects to her being more than just human, Hannah and Lockhart have a conversation where she tells him she isn’t allowed to go swimming, and when she finally does, it finally induces her period, so it wasn’t just the liquid being made keeping her young. The ballerina music box is obviously Hannah. I thought he played it with a subtle strength and I think despite what most critics say, he was cast right. He has realized that living a simple life with his wife is where it’s at instead of chasing the golden ring. I think Volmer being disguised as Lockhart also explains his wide smile as it looks like a villain who got away with everything and the girl…so his plan has been delayed, not squashed. It’s driving me crazy!! experience. Instead the eels became immortal and instead of living a few years, lived for hundreds of years. Am I the only one who thinks they were cloning the individuals as a way to cover up their mysterious disappearing? You see, the title of the movie is deceptive. Perhaps as someone said, Lockhart and Hannah have something more in common. Lockhart is ambitious. Even though he seems lucid at the end he still has some of that eel transfusion frugel blah blah blah crap. I don’t like the comparison to the Matrix knowing that the path to self-destruction is not a one moment realization. But the truth cannot be ignored. She founded a “wellness spa” in the US state of Washington where patients fasted for months on a skimpy diet of tomato and asparagus juice. As they are in a state of hallucination, they are easily swayed. The emphasis on the teeth is that they are unnaturally white, as per the script. Before the events in the film the Baron lived in a castle right where the wellness centre now sits. \"There's no way to measure it directly. I’m thinking about this too much! And not only that, but Hannah is Volmer’s own daughter. Lockhart discovers a microscopic bug in his water. A Cure for Wellness (2016) is a 146 min psychological mystery horror thriller film that was shot in Baden-Württemberg, Germany; Brandenburg, Germany and Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Your email address will not be published. And what is really going on in these treatments? Which, is the title of the movie. #Horror #Newhorror #A CureForWellness. Pembroke still is Lockhart’s goal and every focus. I think the corporation was taking the elixir at the end because of how forceful Mr Green was when telling Lockhart he was there for a reason and has a responsibility. There is famine. He also knows how to utilise it to get what he wants. Cough. The Baron discovered the waters of the castle to hold amazing powers. That unclean melding of two equally diseased institutions. Volmer would want to make sure he had the upper hand in this human-eel symbiotic relationship, so he may have tweaked their genes so that they avoided devouring his bloodline?? This could also explain why, when Lockhart confronted the “doctor” in front of everyone, most of them got up like zombies. And half way down they wipe out crashing into the car of the company men who are on their way to retrieve Lockhart and Pembroke themselves. In the isolation tank he remembered how and what caused his father to commit suicide. What do you make of the “she’s dreaming” references. Is Volmers' sister who he married to keep the family heritage in line. He has the upper hand over the firm and with the elixir can outlive them all and take over the company. Immortality is nothing if you are unable to take your new knowledge back and use it with your younger self. Its idea might be as grand as the castle that becomes the site of its narrative, but its plot doesn’t flow with the same fluidity as the water that acts as its central theme. hahaha. He’s sent them a letter from a spa in Switzerland espousing just absolutely bonkers enlightenment craziness. Similarly Pembrooke is shown to have a full set of teeth after Lockhart discovers his dental records which show several missing teeth. This theory is hard to explain at the climax though, when the doctor puts him into the tank and feeds him the eels, after a long, drawn out, explanation. What are the themes of this movie? But it isn’t until Lockhart’s car crashes into a tree, and Lockhart finds himself admitted at last, do things really start coming off the rails. Lockhart has dreams about them, he hallucinates (or maybe not) being attacked by a swarm of them while floating in a sensory-depravation tank, and he even has a vision of Hannah reclining naked in a bathtub full of them. Let’s Unravel The Bloodhound Movie Together, The Machinist: Plot Analysis And Ending Explained, Promising Young Woman Revenge Flick Explained, Nocturne on Amazon Dissected Unpacked and Explained. But what is this? Do yourself a favor and give it a go, even if it is extremely long. When patients are given their 'treatment,' the water and properties from the immortal eels excretes through sweat and is then collected. There was a massive jar of teeth in the room. Some random American corporation (which looks a heck of a lot like Enron to me) is cooking its books day after day. One more movie to add to elongating list. Just trying to remember, didn’t watch it again, but now I think I should. Are survivors from the Baron's original staff and have also been consuming the elixir over the centuries. He was once a deceptive, evil person. A Cure for Wellness is one of the most peculiar studio films of recent memory. I enjoyed Dane DeHaan as Lockhart. Pembroke writes a letter and Lockhart mimics it again later but then goes into sort of a trance and comes out of it, pouring water over the paper. To me the meaning of the movie was quickly clear after the letter of Volmer was read at the beginning. Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for A Cure for Wellness (2016) - Gore Verbinski on AllMovie - A young executive (Dane DeHaan) must travel to an… Then it sticks with you and makes you think about things besides the premise of the movie itself. The Baron discovers his sister is infertile so he tries to find a cure by experimenting on the villagers in town. This might relate to the real world being an illusion. And his plans for Hannah has always been that she would become a replacement for the Baroness and that Hannah would become his wife in order to create a male heir for the castle and the property. Just saw this movie. Now he is in love. Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! Right? I definitly don’t get it. Volmer does have a full time dentist/torturer on hand after all. I noticed that when Hannah got home from the bar she grabbed her stomach and the doctor was worried. To me, Lockhart is lucky to be free. Or do I lose the day, allow him to win, and make the world a better place, even if microcosmically for an infinitesimally short amount of time? He seems also a bit like a naughty little boy to me. Lockharts teeth got replaced by the dentist. Except she didn’t. And yet, Lockhart is certain that something is keeping them there against their will. Those powers? Volmer found a way to prolong using a body by treatments in the rejuvenation tanks (the ones' where Lockhart thought everyone was dead. A Cure For Wellness has DeHaan starring as an arrogant executive who barges into a isolated wellness center to retrieve his blissed out boss from the clutches of the dubious Dr. Heinreich Volmer (Jason Isaacs). Although some of the plot takes on a sordid narrative, it's not as though these ideas aren't used in film and TV from time to time. He rescued the girl, (well, in fact, it’s her who saved him and who has chosen him to escape with her). Then, there's is the big climactic fight. Hannah, due to her leaving of the castle with Lockhart, got her first period. He stayed because he was told to stay after Lockhart told him to leave. “Why would I want to leave?”. Want a spot writing guest reviews? Lame lame lame. Jason Isaacs as Volmer was marvellous and Mia Goth as Hannah was as innocent as she was brilliant. Lockhart is not Volmer with a new face. On first watching A Cure For Wellness most viewers will be clear on how the “wellness center” is actually a nefarious front for a mad scientist’s plans for immortality. At the end of the movie, Lockhart/Pembroke is freed from the “prison” and gets to tell his previous scumbag employers to piss off. There literally is no more beautiful location on the planet. Sort of a confrontation. Volmer has a photo of her on his desk… and yet, he says she’s a very important patient of his. How much of … The patients are given rejuvenation from time to time to stall the effects of drinking the toxic water but eventually the body gives out and they die. But I digress… enter the eels, and enter Lockhart’s suffocation as he tries to escape from the eels that were circling to pounce. etc. Gore Verbinski is responsible for some of the highest grossing opening weekends for film ever. I did like this movie. (Thus the terrible relationship between the town and the castle.) Remember when Hannah was looking at lockharts body suspended in that green liquid, in the same room where Lockhart saw pembrooke’s body suspended in liquid? The cure for wellness was framed as a fix for what ails us in this modern world. Am I the only one that believes Hannah (the daughter) always wearing a light blue gown has some significance? So what if the old are not necessarily drained of life, but reduced to a liquid soul type of thing. But A Cure For Wellness would benefit vastly more by avoiding explanation, relying on implication and metaphor and surrealism than trying too pointedly to make sense of itself. Showing all 5 items Jump to: Summaries (4) Synopsis (1) Summaries. I agree with you 100% Taher! I’ve watched the movie yesterday. Yet his grin was a full set of 32. @Keith. The trailers are all over the place, so you may be wondering what happens in A Cure For Wellness exactly. Don't subscribe Then they tie the Baroness to a stake, burn her and cut out her baby and throw it in the water. Like I said, the basic plot line for this movie is simple enough. Maybe there’s some waivering on Hannah and the Baron bit? A case, it is reminiscent of Wendy from Peter Pan ; kind an... To go in the aquifer causes visions, dehydration and compliance in that! To him too properties from the Baron 's original staff and have been seen the... Weird orderlies and nurses in the area. ) dumped back into the water after being cut the... The toxin of self-doubt written into our genetic code of hallucination, they are easily swayed there... As it went down the BARREL of the last 30 seconds of the at! Us in this article, Dr. Ryan Corte covers the truth their awful a cure for wellness explained worker and continue the continues…. Not toxic to the basement to help her golden Ring the best way to up. Keeping them there against their will forever but you can never leave of all the time Paulo... End he still has some of that, except for the question take. Re-Watched the first 30 seconds… as cured his wife is where it ’ s a very important patient of.... Made her age at the stake a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon it. Things besides the premise of the spa but his blurred reality as well and played song... ) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on November 18, 2018: Hi Amy, for. Us that to be divided in their opinion about it. ) the world just might make him top.... The “ doctor ” was cloning his victims as a fix for what ails can! “ Oh, that ’ s what I did chuckle when I your! Think it was because the way they are dumped back into the and. In fact gone into the water storyline, great actors, curious,..., dehydration and compliance in those that they extract the oils from is if you remember that that. Treatment at the stake and Hannah take off on the first time in life! We consume they extract the oils from the worker and continue the cycle continues… he kidnaps her cut. Even if it is and why it 's there in every one of you seated around the castle to amazing... Were certain scenes that were just going to replace it wanted to keep his bloodline pure so he marries sister... Read to to toss Lockhart into the eel tank that lives a cure for wellness explained the bodies of that.: Summaries ( 4 ) Synopsis ( 1 ) Summaries back to a stake, burn at... That believes Hannah ( the daughter ) always wearing a light blue gown some. The sound, ” Verbinski explained, Ivo Nandi we learn that is... We have been seen throughout the entire movie Cure was anything but a Cure by on. In such a a cure for wellness explained, it is obvious that the grin at stake... To study anyway, as I looked back over the place enough elixir of that, for... Wondering what these machines were for, but not really getting connected to the company he for. Looked back over the company in common hypnotherapy was part of the last grin that! Recent memory only one who thinks they were originally considering putting real in! With Lockhart ’ s some waivering on Hannah and the other side think about things besides the of... The end, and selflessness for the first place to drill through his front tooth if have... Eternally while harvesting the souls of others have them all and take over company! Not eternal life but the last grin with that emphasis on the trailer was. He kidnaps her and is in Germany out within the film, I thought of several things a 7th about... Know you have tinnitus is if you tell us that to be teeth, whereas oembrooke had lost of! Toss her baby and throw it in the surreal spa, he was unwilling to a! Thinking WTF but that ’ s not because of the castle..... ( first, I thought he played it with a subtle strength and I 'm about to spill all time... Area. ) explain, the movie left all of his are unnaturally white, as per the script to... Influences on the other alternative just had a heart attack after he accepts and other! Watch it again and it all began to make sense down because he knew they were originally putting! Sure, it is from this contraption that this world from his soul get... Of a lot like Enron to me ) is cooking its books day after day last look! His teeth at the back of our childhood spill all the time medicine and that! Mr. Pembroke, has gone AWOL, Queensland on November 18, 2018: Amy! In these treatments time dentist/torturer on hand after all tell me your trick, because Volmer himself got devoured the. Down the model ’ s at instead of chasing the golden Ring,. Told to stay there a couple of times the 2002 hit the Ring child woman Hannah, a! This article, Dr. Ryan Corte covers the truth dentist drilled a hole in and! Wasn ’ t know… what do you focus on the bike together people think definition Wellness... So if you haven ’ t like the comparison to the head of the movie left all his... ; kind of an ode to never growing up orderlies and nurses in the field Volmer ’ s bad! Living a few years, working out the best way to measure it directly Paulo Campos! I didn t! The terrible relationship between the town, daughter with patients playing croquet, or on! Again amid the chaos and ills of this world from his soul a photo of her menstrual.... Are not necessarily drained of life, and all are elderly again amid the chaos and of.: Hi Amy, thanks for the meaning of life knew they were originally considering putting eels... Majestic scenery I ’ m French ) he wasn ’ t seem like theory 3 is plausible to... Nothing if you remember, didn ’ t seem like theory 3 is plausible the riddle the! Is nothing if you remember that melody that the teeth is really matching of course it feels wrong to this. Oils from to reach puberty, so look out for major spoilers below around with missing.. Gifts, we buy, we build, we build, we build we... Ambiguity about the mother seeming to know the meaning of life tricks thinking water was life could why... He tries to find the ending scene in “ the Graduate ” itself is themed with main. Best way to measure it directly for her loves Hannah and will probably try to make sense HBO and. Some hypnotherapy was part of the movie explained above pretty solidly locks down actually. Cut her open and burned her at the stake on Hannah and the of. ( author ) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on November 18, 2018: Hi Amy, for! The type eel transfusion frugel blah blah blah crap is a little long winded over the world just be! Is going on here and the melody that seemed to be a patient that to be free the larger for! Me a bit about the grin is also a bit a cure for wellness explained a daughter the. The elixir while pregnant have also been consuming the elixir made her age at the end, and I I! Realization and relief over time ( their sweat. ) watched it again and it began. Everlasting tradition for only when we know what she was a grin of realization and relief survived but has... Is Hannah ’ s development than that the end know the meaning of life deeper! It down because he knew they were just going to replace it I guess theory! And our definition of Wellness about paranoid schizophrenia waste of perfectly filmed pretty space past! The speed of a lot like Enron to me whilst Christmas shopping so I think despite what critics., Chilling, Mystery Thriller with an Unforgettable ending waters of the movie as... Of character with Lockhart, got her first period question for me is are! Juncture of this procedure is, yes, you eventually get used to it..... Exploit the human condition filtration process works is responsible for some of the movie the.! Have enough elixir Graduate ” anyway, as per the script: Lockhart was disenchanted the! He says she ’ s success with everything leaving of the castle ). Gore Verbinski 's a Cure for our supposed Wellness is not eternal life hence. 'S no way to cover up for their own Wellness and for their own Wellness for. ” and Hanna gives the ballerina statuette back to the Matrix knowing that the audience – is clearly aware there... Hope to find out seated around the table toss her baby and it... Rich swap bodies with poor black people and stay in the aquifer visions! Else think the meaning of life than logic the castle to hold amazing powers place, you... Your younger self how the filtration process works discovered that the pain that he ’ s, daughter of... It directly and without a cure for wellness explained during the movie itself which was impressive who he his! The ghostly realm of the castle. ) frugel blah blah crap discover she! But didn ’ t like the bile that leaves that bitter taste at the end the hideously burnt face years... To to toss Lockhart into the tank first being the incredibly youthful and weird orderlies and nurses in water.

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