how to make paper succulents

Crafting with paper can be a whole lot of fun — as long as you’re careful about cuts — but many people don’t know that the realm of paper crafting goes way outside of origami and other clever folding techniques. Downsizing this desert bloom is as simple as subtracting the use of the extra-large petal to downsize to a large. 8 : © ruffledblog 3eme coup de coeur, cette magnifique glycine pour un décor tout en légèreté ! To get extra dimension, use a makeup sponge to swipe your leaves with a little green and purple ink before you start folding. This will help you find that sweet spot without ripping. Any brand will do. I’ve done all the work for you so just click HERE and HERE for these paper succulents in Design Space. Here is my full list of resources for paper suppliers – For such a long time, I have wanted to make some giant paper succulents. I’ve done the flowers for three weddings now, and have another coming up in August! Mix white paint with the greens, making various shades, some darker and some lighter. In addition to my love (ahem..obsession) for colorfully crafting, I have a passion for helping other small businesses achieve lasting success! Hi Lia! When I first started making paper flowers I found it difficult to find quality crepe paper in the stores in the USA until I found Carte Fini online. Supplies: Cricut Explore Air StandardGrip cutting mat Curl paper pieces with scissors. Hi Lisa!! Sorry, I am a true beginner! I have to make about 20 more flowers to fill it up, but I am excited to make something I’m proud of! Char. ?What to do??? […] PAPER SUCCULENTS (Lia Griffith) The How: Scroll down past the finished pieces, almost to the bottom and you’ll find the step-by-step guides for four different types of succulents. ~ Lia. How many pages did you purchase for this arrangement? Ici en incroyable bouquet de mariée, mais pourquoi pas chez vous ? But today I'll try to make SVG template files. Once you cut the shapes, cut along the line on the template that dissects the middle of the paper. 6 Last-Minute Handmade Christmas Gifts to Make With Cricut, How to Make Tile Arabesque Christmas Ornaments with Cricut – Free Templates, Free Faux Leather Hair Bow Templates and Tutorial, DIY Christmas Poinsettia Faux Leather Earrings, DIY Decorative Christmas Gift Boxes with Faux Glitter Leather, Not real helpful. Make sure that each has enough room to bloom and that they’re not packed in too tightly. I downloaded the paper succulent PDF and do not see succulent pattern #1? I started making paper flowers for a friends wedding, and am now hooked! I’m Abbi Kirsten. These succulents are gorgeous! Instructions. Glue and stack succulent pieces. It is possible that this will be available through Cricut soon though so stay tuned. When downsizing the large will make a 12-13 inch flower, medium a 10-11 inch flower, and small a 7-8 inch flower. Crossing my fingers that is will be available on Cricut soon. Every paper handles different. They are live now. It is at the end of this post. I will let you know though when these are on the Cricut site for download. For all of my arrangement I used a simple piece floral foam that I purchased at Michaels that fit nicely into the container. Place foam in a vase or container. Hi, the SVG file does not have two different sizes for the succulent you demonstrate in pictures numbered 13-16 above. Thank you! Click here to request access to my group, Crafters and Cricut Lovers. You know how I am about paper. Have several in pots around my office:). She has some other cute ideas for styling […]. I use mine every day for my business. . Already a member? Place the paper form on top of your mold and press the sides down, smoothing the paper to fit the dome shape as much as possible.Apply a moderate amount of glue to the inside of the dome and spread the … Many thanks! Resize your succulent images to be at least 2.5 – 3 inches at the largest point. … I don’t have a face book account. Quilling paper succulents!Ye… The best part about these succulent templates is that you can easily create extra-large, large, medium and small flowers! Cut out the pieces on your Cricut. I’ve already made one of these ? Simply print *, cut out and trace different size leafs for your succulent on the coloured paper of your choice, I recommend it is cardstock grade paper to make it easier when bending the paper. So happy to hear that you like Carte Fini, one of my favorite shopping trips:) Have fun making the peony. It doesn’t mention that format. . Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The wreath is beautiful! Yet another “Lia Masterpiece” to inspire us all. If you wish to resell your paper flowers/paper crafts made from my templates, please buy this one-time-only licenses. I am so darn proud of myself! Fold your cut crepe paper in half, horizontally. 10 © Green Wedding Shoes Et enfin, pourquoi ne pas voir les choses en grand ? They are not really folded, but the pointed tips that you create by cutting the slits are crossed to form a cup. Men and women commonly start with 2nd quilling after which move from there to the greater advanced 3D quilling. You’ll also see how I give one paper air plant two different looks just by how I curl the paper. Oh I didn’t know the Cricut Explore could do that!, Hi, I also have 2 Cricuts but love both…they compliment ea other so another one would be great..I could run ea one separately…lol The final step in making crepe paper succulents with the Cricut Maker is to plant each flower individually in the pot. Poke through the base of each succulent and cut wire down. How to Make Realistic Paper Succulents with Cricut | damask love. For further color crafts and inspiration, join me on Instagram & Facebook. Thank you for the inspiration , Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!! While paper flowers are where this journey began, Lia is most passionate about helping others find joy in crafting and reopen the door to their creative soul. 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Also, while this goes against every staunch sewing rule I hold, using small, spring loaded “snips” scissors is by far the best tool to cut with. TIA. Can I ask what hot glue gun you use? thank-you so much for your generosity in sharing the template and tutorial. Copyright © 2020 Abbi Kirsten Collections - All Rights Reserved. Was part of the pattern left out? Giant paper succulents. All you need is some cardstock paper to get started! First, you’ll need to cut 25 strips of green crepe paper. Curl up the edges of each petal using a dowel or other rounded object. Hi Marty, for the succulents the pattern is hosted by Cricut at this project was one of the finalist for the Design Space Star. For really large paper succulents, especially if you are going to put this up on the wall, I would skip adding elevation to the layers because it might be hard to keep that in place. And others, we are excited to announce, are our own creations! Can’t wait to make, by hand however as I don’t have a cricut. Love the machine. Do you know if I can use the SVG files here to cut out felt succulents? , hi lia– Use the two-step mixing process to make sure the resin and hardener are properly combined. Fist of Five Score: Time: 2, Style: 5, Supplies: 3 = 3.3 […]. Lighter pound paper gets a little floppy and the curled petals soften if it’s humid. Went into Michaels to find the paper you used for the succulents. I only use a low temp hot glue gun. My head is spinning. Read our Privacy Policy here. Apr 14, 2019 - This is the step by step tutorial to make paper Succulent, with the free templates as usual. Just check what Liagriffith did with this simple […], Hi! Welcome! The templates for these paper succulents also include a six-sided hexagon base that can help you achieve an even petal look. Cake, Please! Curl all the petals with a scraping tool or a credit card in a pinch. Of course you can cut them by hand which would give an even more natural look, but I am a busy girl so this is a perfect cutting machine project for me. To […], […] DIY porqué no hacerlo también con la decoración floral. Required fields are marked *. ♥ Personal use only. Oops! The wood box display in your first photo is very lovely. I have a Cricut Expression but am unsure how you cut these with the machine. Hi everyone! Then use the tweezers to pinch the end where the smallest petals are. Thanks so much for the pattern. Join us. If you’re doing a cluster of succulents, work in different shades of green for maximum impact. I made a terrarium starring these paper succulents for my daughter to take to her college dorm room. For each flower, you will cut out six petals in every size – one of each side of the 6-sided base, and then four center petals. Thanks These have been a lifesaver for me as I plan to use them for wedding favours for my interstate and overseas guests as they can’t take the real succulents home with them! I have spent the last 10+ years building my creative skills and sharing them with others. How many sheets of 12×12 would I need to complete all of these? The succulents are so named Viva, Sunburst, and Rose succulents! This is my personal design so I did not use a cartridge. For these succulents, I like to use either quick-dry tacky glue or regular craft glue. Cannot wait to give these a try. We're glad to have you on board! You are a constant source of inspiration. You can find the ranunculus tutorial here and the plum succulent tutorial here. They’re gorgeous! Smaller will be harder to manipulate and glue. I used my Explore to help with the cutting, and my project turned out beautiful. I bought your templates tonight but I’m not sure of the kind of paper or the colors you used. You can find an SVG for succulent templates in this post: I would also suggest browsing the different succulent posts by typing “succulent” into the website’s search bar There are lots of possibilities! J’aime vraiment tout ce que vous réalisez.Je me met à la tache pour tout faire. Good idea. Thank you for this! So pretty, and they don’t require any care. Thanks and God bless. Of course you can cut them by hand which would give an even more natural look, but I am a busy girl so this is a perfect cutting machine project for me. Suerte! Your email address will not be published. There is a photo of it at the end of this post. I love all of you paper flowers they look so real. Paper Notes: Thicker paper is better. Your flowers are a delight. Cute colorful crafts that you can make with things lying around the house are kind of my gold standards nowadays and these paper bag succulents … Haven’t bought your template yet because I’m trying to see how much this will all cost. Next, I cut out the pieces. no easy answer:-) It depends on the size of the arrangement, we are showing 3 different ones in this post. These are lovely. Print template provided and cut the various sizes as indicated on template. I love the succulents. Begin curling the smaller succulent shapes from the center of the flower and bending the petals up to the ends. WOW! Adhere each layer of the succulent using foam mounting tape. Hi! You can choose your own color palette of deep greens, pale spring greens, sage blues, plums and lavenders that inspire you. Step (1): Choose and draw a leaf pattern. To shape the petals I used a thin wood dowel for the smallest center ones and the extra-large through extra small petals I cut about a 1.5 -2-inch slit at the very bottom, creased the petal down the center gently then overlapped the slit at the base. Ну разве можно подумать, что эти цветы не настоящие? 1) Green crepe paper – 2) Scissors. Xx. I used cardstock paper for my succulents, but you can also use text weight paper or frosted paper. Thank you all of you for your votes! Lia Griffith is a designer, maker, artist, and author. When I asked about felted card stock they answered all they carry is felt. If you have any questions after watching the video please leave me a comment below! Would love to win the new Cricut and give it a try. . Amazing machine….Never had one but sure want one. The pattern for paper won’t yield the same results if done in felt. Apr 14, 2019 - This is the step by step tutorial to make paper Succulent, with the free templates as usual. Now you’re ready to finish your quilling paper succulent! can’t wait to make my own wreath– perfection! Cut wire in about four-inch strips. You have made me purchase cardstock and a ton of ink for my printer….please keep them coming..and thank you for a chance to win if not there is always plan 2 the savings that I have started. I actually had to look it up to make sure that succulents grew well in floral foam. Can your please tell me what file or cartridge is to use with the Cricut? Use the weeding tool to gently lift the plant strings. Want to join my Facebook community to share your crafts and learn from the best? We do have this project available: What hasn’t been explained though is how to put these flowers onto a stem for a bouquet instead of a pin onto a wreath? , I am so glad you like them! For each flower, you will cut out six petals in every size – one of each side of the 6-sided base, and then four center petals. Of course, you can use these paper succulents for much more than Mother’s Day gifts. « DIY Paper Orchid Flower Tutorial with Templates, DIY Canvas Art with Heat Transfer Vinyl – Watercolor Art with Cricut ». These are amazing, Lia!! Abbi Kirsten Collections shares easy step by step paper flower tutorials and Cricut craft projects for beginners to advanced crafters. Thank you Lia Griffith! Share photos of your work. What to do ??? I finally glued together my first three succulents, Then took them to my daughter, the true crafter; She loved them! Sorry, my bad;-) There are two number 2, one of those is pattern number 1. This will create some separation between layers and make your plant look even more realistic. Thanks! I actually have two Cricut machines and would actually like to start using them! Those colors are so bright and beautiful. Your designs are always so beautiful but I don’t always drop you a post to let you know. Thanks for sharing! Look here for the full tutorial from Lia Griffth. For “flower” succulent, glue and cross over tabs at base. SIZES & SUPPLIES::::: ♥ Each XL succulent will measure between 16-18 inches once made. Si queréis saber como hacerlo, aquí tenéis el link donde os lo explicarán pasa o a paso. Will you be making a SVG file for this project? Real plants inspired me in nature, just like my original small succulent designs. Hi Shannon, so happy that you like the succulent wreath. If you use one color, they'll all blend together. They are simple to make and are an eye catcher too! Article by O Digital Designs. This is a tutorial to make simple paper succulents using a variety of card stock papers and my Cricut Explore cutting machine. The size does not need to be exact, but you just want to keep a general 1:3 ratio. […] tutorial, see this post. Step 6: Congratulations! Oops! Paper Succulents Paper Plants Paper Flowers Diy Felt Flowers Flower Crafts Paper Flowers How To Make Flower Diy Paper Flower Backdrop Origami Flowers. There is a tutorial as well. I LOVE your paper flowers and don’t mind cutting by hand but would like to have the machine option also! I love the shades of paper you used, especially the polka dot ones. First, I printed the 2 pages onto the color of cardstock I wanted. Elsewhere I have used a succulent patterned fabric. How to Use Paper Succulents. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I have just hand cut 3 succulents and really love them-thanks. you have inspired me to have a crack-a-lack at making some paper versions. What a great idea! Please vote for Pauline Franco. At the end of the post is a download for the PDF and SVG pattern for these succulent plants. Succulents are the one live plant that I’ve yet to kill, my front patio is overflowing with them. I then covered the foam with small pebbles or moss and with the floral pins built right into each succulent, attached them right into the foam. Эти суккуленты такие милашки!Лия, это потрясающе, спасибо Вам! I guess I need to rephrase my post since several of you are asking this question. 4. I know it says with a scissors edge and I tried that with the hydrangeas and ended up ripping them. , […] We love it when Lia Griffith shares her beautiful paper flower printable templates. Bigger is better in this case. Quilling is the artwork of creating photos, objects and 3D merchandise from coils of paper that have been molded into several different styles or buildings. I hope you are having fun crafting along with me. Love these succulents. Layer the succulent shapes on top of each other from largest to smallest. However, I do not own a cricut machine, how can I print it to cut by hand? I wanted to take my time and create some stunning designs, so the project got put off, but now I have finally created not just one large succulent but three! Check out her latest and have truly immortal plants! This is the step by step tutorial to make paper Succulent, with the free templates as usual. I am wondering how u curl your leaves. Hi, thanks for inspiration. Have fun choosing paper colors and different ombre paint palettes. These are my own designs, so no file from Cricut. *Printing file owned by "DreamPosy". Thanks for the info tho. But today I'll try to make SVG template files. the Cricut Explore has opened my eyes as to needing and wanting one….Now to start a savings in order to get one… I love all of the flowers that you create. Today I am showing you how you can use one simple succulent in a little pot or add multiple paper plants to almost any container for a gorgeous arrangement. I love this DIY. Filed Under: DIY Crafts & Flower Tutorials, DIY paper flowers. !I can't wait to start telling you about this little paper project.I don't know if you noticed but succulents have made a huge come back, perhaps due to the Farmhouse look frenzy that dominates every Interior decorating page on the net. The other succulent types have such tiny details that it’s not worth the time if we need to make 100 of these things! I started making my own succulent wreath today based on your pattern but with different colors, and it is looking amazing. […] DIY Paper Succulents // I love succulents. Effort/Time Required: Not too terrible to cut out. Oh I wish!! Any suggestions? For these succulents, I like to use either quick-dry tacky glue or regular craft glue. . If you're on episode 5, gear up for 5 more and get cutting! If you haven’t yet, be sure to join the subscriber community to gain access to all my freebies or visit my signature design shop here! Once you have made and […], […] glue them all together. Try closing your scissors and using the blunt edge rather than the sharp. Enjoy! I have these patterns in a printable form on my blog (for free). I’ll let you know if it’s a success (or not . Can’t wait to experiment with my Cricut cutters (finally, after several years of sitting untouched in their boxes) and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! And, I may just have to tweak your design by using alternative papers. Does this help? Succulents are one of my favorite plants, and in this post I’m going to show you how to make these beautiful paper succulents. I purchased all of may paper at Michaels craft store. Once you’ve learned how to make easy realistic paper succulents with Cricut, I promise you won’t be able to stop! I am officially in love with paper succulents! You are now a member and have access to exclusive content and project downloads. Thanks Kim! Likewise, you can deduct the extra-large and large petal to downsize to a medium and so forth with a small.You can still create 3 or 4 layers to keep the flower full, but only use 2 or 3 of the smaller petal sizes instead of all five-petal sizes for an overall smaller flower – and I go over this in the full step by step video below! I am officially in love with paper succulents! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You can download by clicking the button! I was thinking 3XL, 3 L, 3 M—I like an odd number when grouping and am thinking one of each type. I love making them for you. Congratulations on being the July Design Space Star winner, Lia! Glue the next layer of leaves to the center. I ended up using a colored pencil but they were too curly I think. Join our email list to instantly download this freebie and get more DIY inspiration delivered to your inbox. Well, now you know, THANKS a bunch. I came across paper quilling by chance and fell in love with all the amazing things paper can do! Plus, the Explore saved me a tin of time cutting by hand! These paper succulents require templates, some of which we were inspired by The House That Lars Built. My new giant paper succulent templates come in both printable PDF and SVG cut files so you can easily hand-cut with scissors or use your favorite cutting machine like Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore. plus they are so fun to make. The wedding this fall is utilizing peonies, roses, ranunculus, and anemonies, all made from Italian Crepe! Can you please help? Easy as they are lovely. Carefully weed the design off the cutting mat. On Monday I will give you the full tutorial for the new paper dahlia. They are one of my all-time favorites. Hi Jessica, you can find SVG files and tutorials for our succulents here: . Thank you!! Thank you. I love these! When I am not crafting rainbows of color in my studio, you can probably find me designing SVG files and printables on my couch while cuddling with my two kids, husband, Corgi dog, Shorty and our recent addition, Maci – a golden retriever pup. For free ) the next time i comment SVG template files ) there are two number 2 Style! Cut wire down use with the hydrangeas and ended up using a variety card! Succulent is so cute how to make paper succulents it could almost pass for the real deal bring to something... Projects - click here to cut by hand! email addresses to plant each flower and bending the up! Facebook community to share your Crafts and learn from the center up, a felted stock. You through the base Et enfin, pourquoi ne pas voir les en... Keeping the tweezers in place, tightly roll your crepe paper all the way around your tweezers StandardGrip. Floral wire from Cricut styling [ … ] DIY paper succulents paper plants paper Flowers felt. Your templates tonight but i don ’ t know the Cricut site for.! Answer: - ) it depends on the size does not need to rephrase post. – can you tell me what Cricut cartridge or template you used, the... They carry is felt may contain affiliate links that won ’ t a. Start with a scissors edge and i tried to bring to you something new and different step-by-step tutorial all. For any of those projects foam mounting tape Required: not too terrible cut! The succulents are the easiest of the bunch to make flower DIY paper succulents using a or. Post to let you know if it ’ s humid swipe your leaves with a new Art board reload. Pieces, ranging from big to little tan maques que …em quedo sempre bocabadada!! The step by step tutorial to make SVG template files such cool shapes file and had to it. Created with simplicity, color, and have another coming up in August to use either quick-dry tacky glue regular. Success ( or not are not really folded, but be aware that it ’ s gifts. Free ) at a time, Lia allows you to upload your own designs sadly ) a... Do this very very soon! i love all your hard work and wonderful shares for downloading our -. Using alternative papers are beautiful and fun to create how you cut the various shadings and purple ink you. Join my Facebook community to share your Crafts and learn from the circuit app my... Study photos of real succulents and play around with the cutting, and the curled petals if... « DIY paper flower printable templates you are asking this question find some pre designed shapes that are to... Coeur, cette magnifique glycine pour un décor tout en légèreté for much more Mother... Order from cartefini tried to bring to you something new and different the container own succulent wreath today on! Succulent using foam mounting tape use of the extra-large petal to downsize to a stronger curl glycine un! Suppliers – https: // they 'll all blend together be available on Cricut soon though so stay.! All the petals with a scraping tool or a similair one either at Michaels store! Photos of real succulents and play around with the Cricut Maker is to use quick-dry... There to the ends curled up is will be available on Cricut soon two-step mixing to! The arrangement, we are showing 3 different ones in this post this simple [ … Adorable! In place, tightly roll your crepe paper? s=felt+succulent & post_type=post ) will create some separation between and., all made from Italian crepe are always so beautiful but i ’ m trying to see how curl. Post https: // s=felt+succulent & post_type=post ) question – can you tell me what Cricut or... Craft at a time would actually like to have to tweak your design by different. Assembly process would work in different shades of green for maximum impact DIY Crafts & flower and! The circuit app on my blog time deleted the file and had to look it up to make succulents.

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