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You will want to point that out so that the school can discuss how it might deal with that concern. Effective storytelling alone won’t necessarily put your child over the top if they aren't already a competitive candidate. Let schools know how unique your child and your family are. We connect with students in person and around the world via Zoom, Facetime, Phone, or Skype. If so, please explain the circumstances and send us a copy of the written evaluation. As you can readily see from these two examples, the schools are assembling a composite picture of your child via written applications and statements, an interview and academic testing. In most cases, the application process will collide with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and vacations. Has your child ever required any academic support or accommodations? You will find that the last three or four months will be rather hectic. Let them know how your child and family will contribute to a diverse student body. If you have an educational consultant, be sure to discuss and review this part of the application with him. Admissions to Private School: A-Z puts all the information you need to navigate the private school admissions process in one convenient place. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support. Please discuss your primary reason for considering a new school for your child. There is no need to delve into clinical details. Get our monthly magazine delivered to your home! 4) Please allow schools time to process your forms after submission. Most applications to private schools require parents to write about their children in a parent’s statement or by filling out a questionnaire. The purpose of the parent's letter is to add dimension to the candidate’s statement and help the admissions committee better understand the applicant from the parent’s perspective. Whether you are just beginning the process of choosing a private school or several months into it, make sure that you keep these five 'must haves' front and center in your thinking. Learn more about when and how to apply, why the deadlines are important and what to do when your child is accepted. Classic Movies With Racial Stereotypes, 12 Underrated Family Movies for the Festive Season. These requirements all add up, expecting a significant amount of time and efforts on your and your child’s end. If there are health issues, discuss them candidly but with bold strokes. What the school really wants to know is that any medical issues have been dealt with. Please, write a book...then give it to the grandparents or save it for your memoir! The Private School Choice Programs (Choice) include the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP), the Racine Parental Choice Program (RPCP) and the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program or statewide program (WPCP). Choose your words carefully. Use a parent statement, student essays and an extracurricular activity profile to let the reader in: Who is your child? Once the admissions staff has a clear idea of your child's strengths and weaknesses, interests and achievements, then it can begin to make a final determination as to whether your child will fit in and vice-versa. Many schools require a statement from the applicant's parents. Make sure you get the form in before the deadline- for some schools, the deadline can be a year or more before the first day of school. Please make any additional comments about your child which you feel may be helpful to us. You cannot rank private schools. Each year, more families are considering private schools for their children and competition for top private schools in the greater Seattle area has become increasingly fierce. However, most schools (that aren't sixth forms) accept scholarship applications closer to the first day of the school year. Mature? Once themes emerge, look broadly and creatively at parent and student essays, activity profile, teacher recommendations, and other application elements for opportunities to weave these ideas together for differentiation. The Standard Application, provided by the SSAT, facilitates the process of applying to multiple private schools for grades 6 through the PG or postgraduate year by using a common application. I will add editorial comments to try to give you some insight into what the school might be looking for. An in depth look at the private school application process. Further information about new school applications may be found on the Initial Private School Applications webpage. From teacher recommendations to the acceptance letter, we'll explore some of the most crucial aspects of applying to private school. "Jon used to struggle with math, but we found this wonderful tutor who showed Jon how to work math problems logically. Distill the story that defines your child and your family in the space provided in online applications before the deadline for completed applications. Some elite private schools admit fewer than 10 percent of their applicants. Her children attend two private schools on the Eastside. Has your child ever had an educational evaluation? The pandemic sending many wealthy New York families to the suburbs, and now private schools outside of the city are seeing a surge in applications, suggesting the flight might be permanent. Be careful with the last section which asks you to make any additional comments which you feel may be helpful. The goal here is to make sure that everybody's expectations are the same. But it goes hand-in-hand with solid standardized test scores and GPAs for robust applications. As far as accomplishments are concerned, you may want your child to go to Harvard but since that is a long shot, I would suggest mixing in your academic hopes with every parent's hope that your son will emerge at the end of high school confident that he can take on anything life throws at him. Typically, families apply for three to five schools and, depending upon schools under consideration, you may end up with writing not only a common set of essays but also other unique ones they require from applicants and their families. To request an application for a registered, accredited or heritage language school, submit requests to Curious? The biggest mistake students make when writing an essay is that they forget who their audience is. Many private schools, though not all, have dedicated, passionate, and well-trained teachers. Why Should I Send My Child to Your School? Some elite private schools admit fewer than 10 percent of their applicants from a highly qualified candidate pool. What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses? For example, if you are thinking of having her attend 10th grade, begin the process in the spring of her eighth grade. Code of Alabama 1975 §16-40-1. Our web servers run on Universal Time, which may differ from your time zone. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Many private schools are seeing an increase in applications and enrollment as some parents look for alternatives to remote learning. Are charter schools private schools? You can probably assess your child's strengths and weaknesses better than anybody. Application process and requirements are further described in the Fact Sheet: Establishing a Private School (PDF, 82 KB). Always be realistic and honest. Seattle Activities for Kids, Parenting Articles and Resources for Families. From what activities does your child derive self-confidence? In a typical interview for fifth grade and above, the student applicant meets one-on-one with a member of the admissions staff to discuss the student's interests and experiences. What keywords begin to emerge? Please allow at least two (2) weeks to process your request. One of the biggest mistakes I've seen families make in preparing their child’s applications for admission is to treat the information they submit as separate data points. It was set up to seek the well being of all Private school teachers across the length and breadth of Ghana and also promote sanity, unity, and enforce standards for school […] Could Your Family Spend 1000 Hours Outdoors in 2021? Part of most school's admissions package is something called the Parent's Statement. Get the best of ParentMap delivered right to your inbox. Private School Teachers The National Council of Private School Teachers (N-COPST), is a body made of private school teachers. Admissions Test Preparation: 2 Strategies, How To Improve Your SSAT Quantitative Score. In any case take time to complete this step with great care. 17 Take-Home Craft and Cookery Kits for Puget Sound Families, The Pornographic Perils of Virtual Schooling, Why You Should Try Gameschooling With Your Kids, 3 Tips for Writing Your Child's Private School Application Essay, Finding Your Village: Virtual Parenting Support Groups for Seattle-Area Families, How New Parents Can Create Calm in the Chaos, Nature Has a Remedy for All That Ails You, How Hormonal Fluctuations Could Be Impacting Your Mental Health, 8 Vegetarian Recipes for Kids Who Don’t Like Veggies, Awesome Recycling Programs Every Family Should Know About, Tons of Activity Sheets to Keep Your Preschooler Busy, The New Parenting Trends That Are Here to Stay, Dear Reader: Let’s Make Things Better, Together, How to Talk to Young Children About Race and Racism, Watch Out! A maker? The said application requires a diligent process as the school needs to consider that the candidate is worth it on the scholarship and has the overall impact. Use your child’s essential qualities, be it their achievements, unique experiences, activities or interests to make the connection to these themes. When Should You Consider a Military School? David Petersam of Admissions Consultants offers some tips in the following video. Email Soojung at Updated May 27, 2019. This application includes information needed for private school approval, AND enrollment and staffing reporting that was previously collected in the Educational Data System (EDS). Private School Scholarship Application Form is the document used in the application of a Scholarship Program offered by an institution. Some elite private schools admit fewer than 10 percent of their applicants from a highly qualified candidate pool. Contactuse via Twitter. Each essay question has a specific word count you can’t exceed, so be mindful of how you will use precious real estate to convey main messages for differentiation. Is there a particular story(ies) that helps to describe your child and your family best? Their siblings? In Honolulu, nearly all public schools are planning to allow students to return for just part of the week. For example, if you want your son to play on a varsity hockey team and the school offers limited hockey time, you need to deal with that before you decide to send your son to that school. A leader? Updated October 26, 2019 The private school admissions process can be quite long and taxing. The To ensure a smoother process, try to start early, leave time to visit the schools, and look for the school that fits your child best. 3) You cannot edit a form once submitted. We take a look at this document and offer advice on how to complete it. Creative? Now he loves the subject.". The online application (coming soon) is for both new and renewing schools. How do these insights connect with other information you are submitting about your child and your family? Parents or guardians with questions should contact the school(s) to which they are applying. APPLICATIONS. One last tip: use the Applications Calendar to keep on top of all the deadlines involved in the admissions process. Kind? Please reach out to the school directly. We have read thousands of private school application essays. Remember Your Private High School Application Essay Audience. Some answers here. Remember that admission committees are interested in learning about your child and what your family can offer, and how you will contribute to their schools and school communities. When you have some quiet time, review the draft and revise it as necessary. Download and print out the forms, even if you plan to apply online. There is much to do at what is historically a very busy time of the year. Write the name and address of the school and also write your name and address. Good writing is a process; it doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to write out responses to the school's questions in any way you choose.

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